City Manager

Craig Stephenson became the City Manager of Ponca City in 2009.  He has 30+ years of extensive experience in municipal government, serving the cities of Dodge City, Kansas, Enid, and Ponca City. Stephenson received his B.A. and M.S. in Political Science from Fort Hays State University. He is a Credentialed Manager of the International City Managers Association and an Accredited Manager of the City Management Association of Oklahoma. Craig also won the Gerald D. Wilkins 2014 City Management Award and was in the Class of 2018 Oklahoma Hall of Fame for City and Town Officials

The City of Ponca City is a charter city that operates with a commission-manager form of government, combining the strong representative leadership of elected officials in the form of the City Commission with the managerial experience of an appointed local City Manager. The City Manager is responsible for implementation of policy and procedures as directed by the City Commission. This is accomplished through the coordination and supervision of all City departments as they work toward the goals and visions of the Commissioners.

The City Manager assists the Commissioners in the making of policies by providing preliminary planning, recommendations, technical assistance, and reporting on all matters relating to the planning, development, and operating status of City departments. 

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