Stormwater /Floodplain Management

Management Practices

Ponca City is now recognized as one of the top communities in the State.
  • Achieved the success of having three staff members become nationally Certified Floodplain Managers (CFM)
  • Adopted a stormwater utility fee to fund floodplain management and stormwater pollution prevention activities and projects in accordance with federal mandates
  • Applied for and received over $1,000,000 in FEMA funding to remove structures that have sustained repetitive damage due to flooding

Community Rating System

The City of Ponca City is a class 5 CRS (Community Rating System), an enhanced floodplain management program in which only 4% of the nation’s communities participate. Residents in CRS communities receive reduced flood insurance premiums.
If you would like further information about CRS please contact Jim Fairbanks, City Engineer at 

Stormwater Master Plan

In 2005, the City engaged the services of a water resource engineering consultant to undertake the development of a master drainage plan. The purpose of this plan is to inventory the entire drainage system and its individual components within the City and then develop a systematic plan of improving the system to eliminate or substantially reduce flooding and localized drainage problems. The firm of Meshek & Associates was selected for this task and they worked diligently with staff for over four years to develop the Master Plan document.

Master Plan Contents

The stormwater master plan is composed of five individual documents that include detailed flood studies and hydraulic reports of the Arkansas River and Bois D’Ark Creek watersheds, as well as a summary document with recommendations of projects and their priorities.

Stormwater Quality

Learn about the City of Ponca City's Stormwater Quality Department.

Elevation Certificates

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Kaw Dam Stream Gage

Kaw Dam Stream Gage

Flood Safety

Flood Safety Brochure 2016

Flood Reference Library

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