Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet)

Ponca City Wi-Fi is a free wireless internet solution offered to Ponca City residents. Wi-Fi signals are available throughout town and can be connected to without a username or password. This is provided as a free service and, even though every effort will be made to ensure continued city-wide operation, occasional outages may occur.

For the most part you should be able to turn a Wi-Fi device on, locate and connect to the Ponca City Free Wi-Fi signal. In some cases, you may need to install and configure a Wi-Fi repeater in order to get strong enough signal strength at your particular location. Several local vendors can help you with any equipment and configuration needs you may have. For further information call the help line at 763-8066 or Email.

Wi-Fi connectivity is effected by many situations beyond the direct control of the City of Ponca City. Weather related phenomenon, tree leaves and/or other signal obstructions in your particular neighborhood, even the number of devices connecting to the Wi-Fi system from a particular location. For this reason, the City of Ponca City offers no guarantee of speed or reliability. This is a free service, offered to ensure all citizens of Ponca City are able to obtain some type of access to the internet.