New Construction Projects

This project is for the removal of approximately 1324 linear feet of existing deteriorated asphalt trail in War Memorial Park and replacement with new 6 inch concrete pavement trail section.  This is the third and final phase of the trail replacement in War Memorial Park. All survey and design work are complete.  Project was advertised, bid, and River Ridge Construction, LLC was the successful bidder.  Project will begin on September 5 and is expected to last 30 days.
This project is for new aerial photography, including oblique imagery.  The current Pictometry GIS system is using aerial photography captured in late 2012 and early 2013.  With the initial 2012 agreement the City locked in current prices to do this next round of photography.  This is the last fiscal year that the City could exercise the option to perform the photography at the older locked in, less expensive rates.  The flight will occur in December 2017 or January 2018.  New photography will be delivered in March or April 2018.

This project will convert the former 17,500 SF Laser Tag building at the Northeast corner of Union & Hartford into a religious worship facility with an occupant load of 1487.  The work will be divided into 2 phases.  Phase 1 involves construction of offices, the sanctuary, new restrooms, the kitchen & gathering vestibule, 4 classrooms, & installation of a sprinkler/fire alarm system.  Phase 2 will include construction of 2 more classrooms, additional restrooms & 2 educational/assembly rooms.

Description:  This is for a free-standing, heated & cooled press box addition to Sullin's Stadium, including an elevator & video platform, that will increase the available occupant load from 24 to 42.

Description:  This is for construction of a new 2-story, 24-room apartment building at 202 N. 4th.  All rooms will have a 2-bedroom floorplan.
Progress:  Demolition of the old Firestone building is currently underway.  No other site work has been initiated at this time.

Description:  Addressed at 600 E. Overbrook, site of the old Hutchin's auditorium, this project involves construction of a new 3-level, 1574-seat concert hall & performance center.  It will encompass 48,783 SF of sprinkler-protected  space & feature a 2600 SF stage area & an elevator.
Progress:  Foundation work under the Phase 1 permit is complete, with slab placement continuing.  The permit for Phase 2 has been issued & paid for.