Lake Ponca

Location: 1688 L.A. Cann Dr.

About the Park:

Lake Ponca Boat/Paddleboard Permits  
Ponca City Resident Non Residents
Daily Boat-$3.00 Daily Boat- $7.00
Annual Boat-$20.00 Annual Boat-$50.00
Daily Ski-$7.00 14 Day Boat-$25.00
Annual Ski-$20.00 Dealer Demonstrator- $50.00
Boating, Skiing and Fishing- $45.00 Daily Ski/Tubing- $12.00
Boating & Skiing - $40.00 Annual Ski/Tubing- $50.00
  14 Day Ski/Tubing-$25.00
Lake Ponca Map