Building Services

Building Services

The Building Services Division of Neighborhood Services is responsible for permitting and inspecting new construction projects to determine compliance with the 2015 ICC building codes and the 2014 NEC code, as adopted by the Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission. Persons who wish to construct a building or structure must provide details of the project so that City staff can determine that the plans comply with applicable building and zoning regulations. The application process is relatively simple. With the appropriate information in hand, a permit can be issued quickly, sometimes on the spot. Commercial building permits generally require more detailed plans and specifications, therefore dictating a more detailed plan review. Permit fees are calculated with the intent that they will be proportional to the number of inspections necessary to approve all phases of the project.
See our building permit application for a permit fee schedule.

Applications, Forms and Guidelines

Building Permit Application

License Registration Form-Residential Contractor

Construction Trade License Registration

Occupancy Certificate Application

Accessory Structure Permit Application

Plan Submittals

Residential Contractor Insurance Verification

Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission

Property Inspections

The Property Inspections division of Neighborhood Services is responsible for enforcing the provisions of the International Property Maintenance Code, and of the Public Nuisance section of the Municipal Code. Of note is the fact that the Neighborhood Services department was recently realigned to allow more emphasis on nuisance abatement activities. The Property Inspections staff serves as the primary enforcement arm for the City’s various nuisance and property maintenance codes. In this capacity, they are tasked with receiving and responding to a wide range of citizen’s complaints, covering any condition that might be considered a public nuisance. It is their job to determine when a complaint warrants action, and to decide the most appropriate means of processing the complaint. Licensed with the Oklahoma Code Enforcement Association, they must undergo periodic training to maintain their credentials. They must also coordinate with Police, Fire and other City departments when necessary, and with other Code Enforcement officials. Keeping accurate records is a necessity. Part of this process can involve gathering evidence in support of a violation charge and presenting it before the Municipal Court, or before an administrative hearing officer.

The City of Ponca City codes are intended to benefit everyone while making our community a better place to live, work, and play. Compliance with these codes can reduce vandalism, deter crime, maintain property values, and prevent deterioration of your neighborhood. If you suspect there are violations of the City Municipal Code, please contact the Neighborhood Services hotline at (580) 767-0331. Callers will remain anonymous.

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    Administrative Secretary

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    Building Official

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    Building Inspector

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