Ponca City Broadband

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Ponca City Broadband service will be installed in phases throughout Ponca City. Our service is the first truly fiber optic option available to Ponca City residents.  Pre sign ups are required!

  • 100% Fiber-The brand new all-fiber optic network will run directly to your home and will truly be 100% fiber optic cable.
  • No Contracts-No contracts, introductory offers or hidden fees.  3 plans to choose from, simple pricing, cancel anytime.
  • No data caps-Customers will get the bandwidth they pay for everytime and all the time-without data caps.


All accounts must pay a $200 activation fee (either up front, or spread out over 24 months * $10 per month).


Phase I

The geographic boundaries of Phase one is the area of town between Bradley and Highland from North to South, and between 14th and Union from East to West.

Change as of January 28th, 2019-To ensure the project continues as planned and budgeted, homes in the Acre Subdivision will be connected when the area adjacent, east of 14th Street is completed, in a subsequent phase of the project. This affects all homes on Virginia, Glenside and Whitworth, as well as the homes on Elmwood between Overbrook and 14th.

Phase 1 Area

City Limits

City Limits Map