City of Character

What is a City of Character?

Char•ac•ter n - 

The qualities built into an individual’s life that determine his or her response, regardless of circumstances.

Ponca City has often been referred to as a “jewel on the prairie,” because we are blessed with so many unique features - from our historically preserved facilities and mansions to our nationally recognized statues and museums to our beautiful lakes and parks to our businesses and industries.

Your vision may include increased jobs for the people in your community, a higher standard of living, or greater economic development. While these goals are important, they center around surface needs rather than the root problems that fuel those needs. Root problems include broken families, community apathy, and controlling addictions. Just as a weed must be completely uprooted to ensure its banishment from the lawn, the community’s needs must be tackled at their source if you expect lasting change to occur. 

Character is the inward motivation to do what is right, whatever the cost. It enables one to see the wise decision in every situation and provides the courage to choose that route. For example, people will see needs and create their own jobs if they are diligent. A higher standard of living will naturally result as people are resourceful. Greater economic development is the overflow of creativity and initiative. A resolution passed in 2000 established Ponca City as a City of Character.

City of Character Resolution