Are fireworks permitted within the City limits of Ponca City?
It shall be unlawful for any person to possess, to store, to offer for sale, to expose for sale, to sell at retail, or to use and/or explode any fireworks. Exception: The use of fireworks for display is allowed as set forth in the fireworks permit process. Fireworks permits are required to conduct a fireworks display. Permit application shall be made not less than 15 days prior to the scheduled date of the display. The permit application shall include:
  • A diagram of the grounds on which the display is to be held, showing the point at which the fireworks are to be discharged
  • The lines behind which the audience will be restrained
  • The location of buildings, highways, and other lines of communication
  • The location of nearby trees, telegraph or telephone lines, and other overhead obstructions

At the time of permit application, the fire chief shall be consulted regarding requirements for standby fire apparatus. Fireworks display permits are required to be in the possession of the operator at the time of the display and are not transferable to any other person or location.

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2. Are fireworks permitted within the City limits of Ponca City?
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