Is there lead in my drinking water?

Ponca City is required to do Lead/Copper analysis once every three years. In  September 2016, 30 tap water samples collected from the distribution system were analyzed.  The lead concentration in our drinking water was so low that it was below "Practical Quantitation Limit." 

Lead in drinking water is primarily from materials and components associated with service lines and home plumbing. Ponca City Municipal Water is responsible for providing high-quality drinking water, but it cannot control the variety of materials used in plumbing connections. When your water has been sitting for several hours, you can minimize the potential for lead exposure by flushing your tap for 30 seconds to two minutes before using water for drinking or cooking. 

If you are concerned about lead in your water, you may wish to have your water tested. Information on lead in drinking water, lead testing methods, and steps you can take to minimize lead exposure is available on the Environmental Protection Agency's website.

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1. Is there lead in my drinking water?
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