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How do I use this service?
It's easy to get started using Wi-Fi. Here's what you'll need:

· A wireless enabled computer (laptop or desktop) or other device - Most laptop computers and some desktops have built-in wireless capability. If your computer does not have this feature built in to it, you can purchase a wireless network card at any local computer retailer. A high power Wi-Fi notebook card can increase the Wi-Fi signal strength of a laptop computer and allow you to get higher speed access from more locations. These cards can be used in laptops that do not currently have Wi-Fi or used to improve the signal on laptops that already have some Wi-Fi capabilities. These cards tend to be more powerful than what comes built into a laptop.

· A Pepwave Wi-Fi modem - Using a Pepwave modem is optional, but can help you receive a strong signal if you plan to access the network indoors. The Wi-Fi modems designed for this network are made by Pepwave and are preprogrammed at the factory to work with Ponca City Free Wi-Fi. You can purchase a Pepwave modem locally at some computer retailers. Then all you have to do is plug it in at your home. No other setup is required. It has five bars that light up to show your signal strength. Place it in your home where you have the most lit bars. Three to five is optimum. A Wi-Fi modem allows a user to convert the Ponca City Wi-Fi wireless signal into a wired signal or stronger wireless signal. You do not need any other equipment except your laptop or other wi-fi enabled device.

Wireless Free Internet (Wi-Fi)

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4. How do I use this service?
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6. What type of customer support will be available?
7. How will you handle any network abuse?
8. What kind of email can I use?
9. Will Ponca City Free WiFi always be free?
10. Will the Wi-Fi work inside my home or office?
11. What data speeds should I expect?
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15. How do I secure my Pepwave?
16. How do I reset my Pepwave?
17. Can I access WiFi with my current wireless router?
18. How much does this cost?
19. What type of Wi-Fi wireless network card do I need?
20. Is this service affected by weather changes?
21. What can I do if I have a virus on my computer? What are the risks?
22. Is Ponca City Free WiFi a secure network?

516 E. Grand, Ponca City, OK 74601
PO Box 1450, Ponca City, OK 74602
Ph. (580) 767-0339
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