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What data speeds should I expect?
To ensure that a large number of Ponca City Free WiFi users are able to enjoy the network simultaneously, we monitor usage. There is no limits currently and many users get between 7 to 12 Mbps. But some areas have more users than others and may see slower speeds at certain parts of the day. We also monitor the network for abuse and as we find these abusers we will remove them from the network. While we cannot make any guarantees about data speeds, there are several factors that could affect your device's data transfer rate:

- Your data transfer rate will depend on the distance between the Ponca City Free WiFi node and your device.

- Since Ponca City Free WiFi is a shared resource used by all Ponca City residents, you may see that data speeds vary depending on the number of users accessing the network at any given time.

- Barriers, such as trees or buildings, may partially block the Ponca City Free WiFi signal, which could result in a lower data rate.

- Connectivity may also vary from one type of device to another. Some computer network wireless cards are more powerful than others. A Pepwave should help you but you need some kind of signal for the Pepwave to magnify.

Wireless Free Internet (Wi-Fi)

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