Why do landfills exist?
Landfills today are far from what they were even thirty years ago. Like much in the world, they have improved as more has been learned about how to make them better. The old landfill method was to find someone who had a hole or gully on their property that they wanted filled. Then fill it with trash, cover it with dirt and seed it to grass. This type of landfill was often referred to as a dump. It was not unusual for the day’s trash to be burned at night in an effort to get as much trash as possible into the dump. These were very inefficient, unsanitary and unsafe when compared to the modern landfill. Modern sub-title D landfills are marvels of engineering. They are structures that fully contain the garbage that is placed into them. So, how are the items put in the landfill fully contained? Well, it all starts from the ground up.

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