How is a landfill constructed?
A landfill is all about containing the garbage. The structure of the landfill cell is designed in such a manner that it will contain all the garbage and any liquids generated by the decomposing garbage. The construction of a landfill cell begins with the placement and compaction of a clay underliner. This underliner is 24 inches thick and heavily compacted so that it forms a moisture barrier. A 60 mil polyurethane liner is placed over this compacted clay and heat seamed into a single piece. The seams are leak checked to make sure there are no leaks in the liner. The leachate collection system is installed on the liner. The leachate collection system is a set of perforated pipes that are laid out with the grade and will allow any liquids generated in the landfill to flow to a central collection point and then to the leachate lagoon. Once the leachate collection system is in place, 24 inches of select sand is placed over the entire liner. This layer of sand serves two purposes. One: it aids in the movement of fluids to the collection lines, and two: it serves as a protective layer for the liner so that it is not damaged during the compaction of the garbage. This completes the liner assembly.

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