How is a cell filled?
Filling the cell seems a simple task at first glance. Just get the garbage to the landfill, dump it into the cell and cover it up. Well again, things aren’t always as simple as they seem. The Solid Waste Industry has regulations that must be followed for the disposal of garbage. The State periodically inspects the landfill to make sure their requirements are met. There are certain items that can’t be disposed of in the landfill. A few of them are lead acid batteries, anything with Freon or other refrigerants in them, and anything hazardous such as biohazard bags, stuff containing PCB’s and such. These items have to be disposed of at a hazardous waste facility rather than a regular landfill. That is why those entering the landfill must stop at the scale house not only to be weighed, but so the attendant can check the garbage in the vehicle for items that the landfill cannot accept and to give directions on where to unload the garbage at the working face.

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