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Occupancy Certificate Application

  1. city of pc
  2. City of Ponca City

    Development Services Department
    516 E. Grand
    PO Box 1450
    Ponca City, OK 74602

    Phone 580-767-0383

    Fax 580-767-0325

  3. Occupancy Certificate Application

  4. Date:
  5. Declaration
  6. Declare that I am the:
  7. 1. Was the building previously used for the same type of business/activity?*
  8. 2. Is the building currently occupied?*
  9. 3. Are you planning to alter the building structure by adding, removing, or cutting into any walls, or by performing work which could affect any load-bearing elements?*
  10. 4. Are you planning to repair/upgrade the building’s plumbing, electrical, or mechanical systems in any way?*
  11. 5. Have you verified that the property is zoned for the proposed usage?*
  12. 6. Have you, or your agent, inspected the building to see if there exist any potentially unsafe conditions?*
  13. 7. Will the owner of the building allow you to make necessary repairs to bring the structure into compliance with local codes?*
  14. I understand that full occupancy of this building is not permitted until all prescribed inspections have been completed. Inspections are required when the new occupancy will involve: (1) a change of use, or (2) alterations to the building structure or systems. I further agree to obtain any necessary building permits, & to notify the inspector’s office when building alterations have been completed, and before I occupy the building.
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