Ponca City Broadband

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Ponca City Broadband.  Residents residing inside the red lines on these maps can now get service!  

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Customers residing INSIDE the red lines on this map can come into Utility Billing (located at City Hall, 516 E Grand Ave) any weekday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM to sign up.  Ponca City Broadband does not require a contract, just the same utility services agreement used for Electric and Water.  Once the agreement is signed and the $200.00 activation fee is paid (either in full, or at $10.00 per month), Ponca City Broadband will call to schedule an in-home installation appointment.

In-home installations are limited to penetrating one exterior wall (no attic, crawl space, or interior wall installation are performed). Anyone needing or desiring more installation work than this will be referred to any of the local installation companies in Ponca City providing in-home, interior wall installations.

Ponca City broad service will be installed in phases throughout Ponca City over the next several years. This is a one-of-a-kind service, providing the absolute fastest internet access with un-matched customer service. This new utility is:

  • Professionally engineered and constructed,
  • 100% fiber optic (nothing else, anywhere in the network)
  • Requires no contract
  • Service plans do not have “introductory periods”, asterisks, fluctuating monthly prices, data caps, or limitations of any kind … you simply get what you pay for!
  • 3 service plans to choose from: 50 Mbps ($60.00), 100 Mbps ($100.00), and 1 Gbps ($250.00). NOTE: these plans offer this bandwidth PER SECOND, not per month – and there are NO DATA CAPS!


All accounts must pay a $200 activation fee (either up front, or spread out over 24 months * $10 per month).


This map shows the approximate boundaries of each of the 5 project phases for Ponca City Broadband.  The major, North/South dividing line, is N 14th St.  Phase 2 is separated from Phase 3 by Highland Ave and Phase 4 is separated from Phase 5 by Hartford Ave.

Construction in Phase 4 and 5 is estimated to begin in May, 2022 … with a completion date of February, 2023.

As individual service areas are complete (usually 10 to 15 square blocks in size), customers can begin receiving service.  Ponca City Broadband will be mailing postcards to individual addresses approximately 10 days prior to being able to service particular areas.  In the meantime, interested people can contact the Utility Billing office with questions, or visit www.poncacitybroadband.com for news and updates.  

Ponca City broadband map 2021