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More Engineering Information

Another major objective of the engineering division is to continue enhancements to the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS).  The Engineering division is the keeper of the City’s infrastructure records; and as such, the process is continuing to record and provide access to certain City infrastructure data and records in an electronic computer format as opposed to the outdated method of storing and maintaining paper records.  The GIS consists of a digital database of the information that the City maintains and the computer networks, hardware and software that allow for the access, updating and maintenance of this data.  Some of the data that is contained in the GIS includes topography, contours, building footprints, electric, water, storm sewer and sanitary sewer utility infrastructure, parcel information, zoning, land use and floodplain information.

New development that is proposed within the City of Ponca City, including subdivisions and commercial or industrial development are reviewed by the City Engineer to ensure compliance with various City regulations.  Proposed improvement plans including street pavement, drainage appurtenances and water and sewer utility plans are also reviewed against the effective ordinances and design standards to ensure quality development in Ponca City.  These ordinances are in place to provide protection to life, health and property for the citizens of Ponca City and to ensure that development proceeds in an organized and efficient manner.

The City Engineering Division is involved to varying degrees with a wide variety of projects throughout the City.  The objectives and tasks listed here represent some of the bigger projects and programs that the engineering division supports.  The staff of the engineering division takes great pride in providing quality services in support of the many programs that the City has established as being important to the quality development and betterment of City infrastructure and our community as a whole.

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