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Special Units
AFIX Fingerprint Database
Trained and experienced volunteers study latent prints lifted from crime scenes and compare them, minute point by minute point, with fingerprints of known criminals to help solve crimes. Other local communities without the benefit of similar AFIX Tracker Fingerprint ID equipment and expertise often send prints to Ponca City for identification. Having the AFIX fingerprint database has helped to solve dozens of crimes within Ponca City and its surrounding counties.

Motorcycle Patrol
Two specially trained officers are part of  the Ponca City Police Department  Motorcycle Patrol. These two specially-trained officers and their powerful  Harley Davidson ElectraGlide motorcycles (with their 103 cubic-inch engines) have made a definite and positive difference in the behind-the-wheel behavior of Ponca City drivers! They seem to be everywhere at once, adding to the safety of our streets.

Patrol Officers
The most visible aspect of the Police Department, the Patrol Officers, are on the streets of Ponca City day in and day out, helping to maintain peace and deter crime. The Ponca City Police Department maintains a fleet of over 50 vehicles to assist in various aspects of patrol and public safety.

Police Bicycle Patrol
Ponca City has a four-man Police Bicycle Patrol. The Officers are trained and equipped to work efficiently and practically during parades and other events where a motorized vehicle would not be the best choice. Cruising the streets and sidewalks provides the Ponca City Police Department's Bicycle Patrol accessibility and security to the downtown area merchants, employees, and patrons. The patrolmen work just as if they were in their patrol cars. Their primary focus is handling traffic and concentrating on curfew. The Bicycle Patrol also attends special community events to promote bicycle safety.

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516 E. Grand, Ponca City, OK 74601
PO Box 1450, Ponca City, OK 74602
Ph. (580) 767-0339
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