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Property/Nuisance Codes
Property maintenance and nuisance codes currently adopted by the City, and thus enforced by property inspectors, include:

International Property Maintenance Code                                   2009 edition
Provides minimum standards to be applied and enforced for the occupancy and maintenance of private property, to include structures and their surrounding premises; lists requirements for habitation of buildings, so that owners or tenants will be afforded necessary levels of comfort and safety; gives City officials/inspectors the authority to enforce compliance with the standards contained

Municipal Code Title 6, Chapters 1, 2 & 4  (Public Health and Safety)
Defines public versus private nuisances and gives details for abatement procedures; provides authority to enforce those provisions, and allows violations to be cited as criminal offenses, to be processed through the Municipal Court system

Municipal Code Title 11, Chapter 5 (Zoning, Use Standards)
The Use Standards of the Zoning Code provide guidance on activities that may be prohibited in certain zones within the City limits. Property Inspectors are often called on to enforce those standards, especially where violations result in potential nuisance conditions or other threats to the public welfare.

State of Oklahoma Statutes, Title 11  (Cities and Towns, 11-22-111 & 11-22-112)
Describes the administrative procedures that must be used by municipalities, when abating public nuisances, in cases where the owner cannot be located or is otherwise unable to correct the deficiencies; applies to cases where the violations involve excessive weed and grass growth, dilapidated buildings, vacant or unsecured structures, and defacement of public property through graffiti

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