Water Production

Ponca City has water rights to three sources; wellfield, Kaw Lake, and Lake Ponca. Ponca City’s main water supply comes from the well field that extends about eight miles along the Arkansas River. The raw water from water wells is pumped to Ponca City Water Plant for a lime softening treatment process with conventional rapid mixing, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and free chlorine disinfection. Every day, an average of eight and a half million gallons of treated water is distributed to the community and several rural water districts in the area. 

The Water Treatment Plant is operated seven days a week by trained and certified operators. The maintenance mechanics, who are also certified, maintain the water plant as well as twenty water wells, five water pressure boosting pump stations, two elevated water storage towers, and two ground water storage tanks located throughout the community.

To ensure the quality of our drinking water, multiple testing programs are established to run tests on water parameters such as total dissolved solids, temperature, pH, chlorine residue, total hardness (as ppm of calcium bicarbonate in water), lead and copper, fluoride analysis, etc. All the test results indicate that the quality of Ponca City’s potable water meets the Drinking Water Quality Standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. 

2020 Water Quality Report                                                Ponca City's Water System20130717_38