Interested In Working For Us?

Ponca City firefighters operate on three different 24-hour shifts, each running from 8:00 am to 8:00 am. Each shift trains together, as well as maintains fire and emergency medical service apparatus.

To be considered for employment as an entry-level Firefighter/Medic with the Ponca City Fire/EMS Department you must meet the following requirements:

  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Possess a high school diploma or equivalent GED
  • Be certified as an EMT-B, EMT-Advanced / Intermediate, or Paramedic by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Pass a general aptitude exam administered by PCFD
  • Qualify to participate in the Oklahoma Firefighter Pension System (Successful completion of the required physical agility test and a comprehensive pre-employment health screening paid for by the City of Ponca City) 
  • Relocation within 25 miles of Ponca City within the first twelve months of employment.

Contact Fire Administration at 580-767-0368 for information on how you can become part of our candidate pool. Until further notice testing will be limited to currently licensed EMTs & scheduled on an individual basis.Please contact Division Chief of Fire Training Eddie Shultz for schedule times.  580-767-0368

The Ponca City Fire Department invites you to participate in the exam process on August 5th for the position of Entry Level Firefighter.

Testing will take place at the No. 1 Fire Station located at 500 E. Grand Avenue. The exam process will begin at 9:00am. There will be no admittance after that time. Attendees should park along Grand Avenue (in front of City Hall).

To be eligible to participate in the exam process you must currently hold Emergency Medical Technician certification and/or licensure (as required by the Oklahoma Department of Health EMS Division). In lieu of certification/licensure you may provide proof of current enrollment in EMT coursework. Additionally, a valid driver’s license is required. You must bring your EMT certification/license or coursework enrollment forms, and your driver’s license with you. Documentation will be verified prior to testing.

 The exam process consists of three (3) parts;

  A written examination/general aptitude test (multiple choice) 

  • A written / reporting exercise (EMS related)  
  • A physical agility test 

 The physical agility test consists of the following;

  • Run 1 ½ miles within 13 minutes  
  • Perform 35 bent knee sit-ups within 2 minutes  
  • Perform 25 push-ups  
  • Walk 20 feet on top of a 3” beam while carrying 20 pounds of weight  
  • Carry a weight of 125 pounds a distance of 100 feet on a flat surface without stopping
  • Perform a flexibility exercise
  • Climb an apparatus mounted ladder a distance of 65 feet 

 We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and footwear for the physical agility portion of the exam process. Time will be allowed to change attire if needed.

 Please contact the Fire Department Administration by phone or via email to notify us of your intent to participate. You may call (580)-767-0368 during normal business hours (8AM–5PM, Monday - Friday) or email

 Compensation and Benefits

 Compensation and Benefits
A beginning annual base salary of $41,971.24 plus additional incentive pay for the level of EMT licensure held; Basic - $50; Advanced/Intermediate - $75; Paramedic - $250 (per two-week pay period) $46,035.46 (plus appropriate EMT incentive) upon successful completion of a six months of service. 

  • Paramedic Training Reimbursement
  • Health insurance plans for both employee and family  
  • Fully paid term life insurance ($25K) and whole life insurance ($5K) for the employee
  • A pre-tax flexible spending account for medical expenses, etc., (per IRS rules) is available up to $2,650