Solid Waste Collection, Recycling & Landfill

The Solid Waste Division is responsible for Refuse Collection, Recycling and Landfill operations.
 The division provides twice per week trash service to residents living within the City Limits of Ponca City. Residential customers may place up to three (3) thirty five (35) gallon containers of trash out on each pickup day for curb or alley pickup. For larger quantities, the division has a special pickup service available for an additional fee. Please put tree trimmings and/or brush cuttings in approved containers or tie into bundles less than 4’ long and smaller than 36” in diameter. Grass clippings are collected by special pick up only. Please call 767-0411 for all special pick up request.
 Waste baskets, tubs, plastic or metal barrels, oil drums, or paper barrels cannot be used as refuse containers and will not be emptied.
Solid Waste Residential Pickup Schedule
 Commercial customers receive customized services whereas the staff will help the commercial customers choose containers and determine frequency of pickup according to each business’ special needs.
 The Collection Division also provides annual Spring Cleanup and Fall Leaf Collection services without additional charges to its customers. For more information about residential or commercial collection services, please call the Solid Waste Office at 580-767-0411.
Ponca City Solid Waste Video
 Ponca City Recycling Center is open Wednesday through Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Recyclable goods accepted at the center include cardboard, magazines, car batteries, newsprint, telephone books, glass, office paper, tin, steel & aluminum cans, computer paper, and metals. If you have poisons, antifreeze or chemicals for disposal, our suggestion is to store them (following manufacturers’ directions) until a Household Hazardous Waste Day that is held every other year, call Solid Waste to verify the date at 767-0411. Please call 580-485-8884 for all your recycling questions.
 Another integral part of the division is the landfill. Ponca City landfill, located southwest of the City, was permitted in 1989 and has been serving North Central Oklahoma ever since. The public, whether commercial or residential, is welcome to bring their trash and debris to the landfill for safe disposal. The landfill opens Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call the landfill at 580-767-0417 for additional information and/or a list of prohibited materials.