Street Improvement Program

Ponca City’s one-half cent street improvement sales tax has been in continuous existence since voters first approved its passage on July 14, 1987.   The street sales tax provides the City with a reliable source of funding for ongoing maintenance and new street construction.  Currently it supplies approximately two million dollars per year for street and sidewalk improvements.

Project selections and recommendations are developed each year by city staff.  Decisions are based upon user benefit and cost benefit analyses, forecasted traffic patterns, condition ratings and citizen input.  Staff recommendations are submitted to the Planning Commission and City Commission for final approval and authorization.  The projects listed below are scheduled for construction in fiscal year 2018/19 which began on July 1, 2018.  The estimated cost of these projects is two million dollars.

Request for Street Project
Street Section
Cleveland, Pine to Oak Remove brick/overlay, new curb & gutter
El Camino, Briar Ridge to Prospect Mill/overlay
Fourteenth, at Highland  Median modifications
Grand, Flormable to Waverly Mill/overlay
Hartford, NE Woodland to Pecan New sidewalk construction
Highland, Ash to Sunset Concrete reconstruction
Shirlee, Meadow to 600 ft. east Concrete reconstruction
Third sidewalk, Grand to Cleveland (w. side) Sidewalk reconstruction
Turner, Donner to Prospect Concrete reconstruction
Various sidewalks, City wide Sidewalk construction/reconstruction
Various, City wide Chip & seal