Ponca City Broadband


There are many options in Ponca City when it comes to internet access, but Ponca City Broadband stands apart from all the rest for a number of reasons:

  1. Some providers offer lower prices per month, but these are usually just “introductory” in nature, and there are contracts in the background. In order to get the introductory price, you have to remain in service for 12 to 24 months. If you don’t remain in service, additional charges will most likely apply. Ponca City Broadband does not use this marketing tactic.
  2. All other providers offer specific amounts of bandwidth ... but there’s an asterisk in their plan, and the fine-print reads you’ll get “up to” that bandwidth. With Ponca City Broadband you never get less than the bandwidth you subscribe to.
  3. Most other providers have “data caps”. This means you’re only paying for a certain amount of data per month and, if you go over that amount – you either pay a higher fee for the whole month, or you pay a surcharge for the extra data. Ponca City Broadband does not have any data caps. You can use as much data as you’d like throughout the month.
  4. Ponca City Broadband is the only 100% fiber optic network in Ponca City. All of the other services are either fixed WiFi, copper, or a mixture of copper and fiber optic.

                  a.  Fixed WiFi networks are impacted by wind, and other weather phenomenon. If their WiFi radio and your WiFi radio do not                   perfectly line up – signal problems will exist, which results in slow/sluggish network performance.

                   b.  Copper networks are inherently slow for several reasons:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              i.  Most of the copper cables are outside. They are subject to weather and sunlight and, over time the outer coating                                     becomes brittle and cracks. Moisture can get inside at that point, and since these networks rely on electrical pulses to                             transmit data – they short out. That means data has to be re-sent (sometimes multiple times) before it can be read                                   correctly. This results in a tremendously SLOW network.

                      ii.  Copper networks have significant latency. That means the data you are trying to send, or receive, must wait until it                                   can be transmitted. Think of latency as being in Oklahoma City during rush hour traffic, trying to merge onto or                                         change lanes on the interstate! A 100% fiber optic network has little to no latency.

                       iii. The overall speed of a copper-based network (e.g. the speed of electric) is substantially slower than a fiber optic-                                     based network (e.g. the speed of light).

7Come into Utility Billing (located at City Hall, 516 E Grand Ave) any weekday between 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM Monday-Thursday and 7:30 AM-11:30 AM Friday to sign up.  Ponca City Broadband does not require a contract, just the same utility services agreement used for Electric and Water.  Once the agreement is signed and the $200.00 activation fee is paid (either in full, or at $10.00 per month), Ponca City Broadband will call to schedule an in-home installation appointment.

In-home installations are limited to penetrating one exterior wall (no attic, crawl space, or interior wall installation are performed). Anyone needing or desiring more installation work than this will be referred to any of the local installation companies in Ponca City providing in-home, interior wall installations.


All Residential accounts must pay a $200 activation fee (either up front, or spread out over 24 months * $10 per month).

Commercial Pricing-Contact 580-767-0341 for commercial pricing and contract terms.