News & Updates


Major work has been accomplished this week, getting connections established to our two backhaul providers. Backhaul providers are the tier 1 internet providers we work with to establish connections to the rest of the world's internet. Final installation of both of these circuits will be completed by middle of next week. Klaasmeyer Construction has steadily been pre-connecting to the sides of homes on our pre-sign up list. In-home installations will be much faster for the homes where these pre-connections have been established. Everything is still on track for bringing customers on board toward the end of June, 2019.


Ponca City Broadband is making progress in connecting our two backhaul circuits. This is what actually connects the new Utility service to the internet … and we're using two. If one fails, the other automatically takes over. Rain this week impacted construction efforts. Construction didn't stop, but was slowed down a little (especially during the hard down-pours). The hardware vendor for in-home electronics confirmed their shipments are on the way to Ponca City; they will be in town within the next couple of weeks to install and test the electroncs at the Central Office.


Klaasmeyer Construction began installing service drops to the homes in Phase 1 who pre-signed up for the utility service. Fiber optic cable has been extended to these homes to a demarcation point near the electric meter. From that demarcation point in-home installation will begin. Estimated time for in-home installations is still projected to be mid-June, 2019. Ponca City Broadband completed a competitive bid document and published it this week, seeking professional contractor companies assistance with additional service drops and in-home installation tasks. The close date for that bid is 3:00 PM, May 23, 2019. Ponca City Broadband will open those bids and make a recommendation to the PCUA Board of Trustees at a regularly scheduled meeting in May, 2019.


Ponca City Broadband staff reached temporary agreements with two business partners: one for network support, the other for customer helpdesk support. The temporary agreements provides time to fully understand what is actually needed in these areas so that a comprehensive bid specification can be developed for a future competitive bid process.


Ponca City Broadband and Ponca City Utility Billing have been working to finalize the customer guidelines, utility service agreement, acceptable use policies and a list of frequently asked questions. Customers who have pre-signed up for the new utility service were contacted by Klaasmeyer Construction to make arrangements to access their property to begin the initial installation process.


Contruction of the main transport loop was completed this week. This part of the network provides the communication path between the Central Office and the neighborhoods to be serviced. Klaasmeyer Contruction also began hanging the fiber optic cable into specific neighborhoods this week, which will be used to connect customer homes to the new network.


Ponca City Broadband began the research and due-diligence process for identifying potential business partners for the new Utility Service and obtaining price quotes from those potential partners for the services they will provide.


Construction in the Phase 1 area of town continues to progress. The Central Office and Network Operations Center were established this week and Ponca City selected the equipment vendor to provide the electronic components needed to run the system.


Klaasmeyer Construction arrived in town and began construction of the major, outside plant portion of the new Utility Service. Construction efforts will continue until Phase 1 is completely built out. The estimated timeframe for completing this work is Jun 12, 2019.