Hazard Mitigation Plan 2021 Update

Here you will find all information related to the 2021 update of the City’s Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Current Status:  Soliciting and Selecting a Contractor.

Questions and answers from Contractors:

Each Monday we will post answers to any questions posed by potential contractors.  Questions can be emailed to Jesse Beck at beckje@poncacityok.gov

Week of 3/29/2021:                     Question:                                    Answer:

On the Evaluation Criteria, it states that 20% is from Bid Price.  But nowhere else does it reference a price submittal.  I know this is professional services but I don’t know that it will require a signature/seal from an engineer on anything.  

So just checking to see if the criteria list is correct and we are required to do a fee proposal at this time or if the criteria needs to be updated and the selection will be based on qualifications and the fee will be developed after selection and scope finalization.

Using 200 CFR § 320 we concluded that procurement method (d)(4) was most appropriate, which requires us to use cost as a factor but not the factor.

 You are correct that a bid price is suspiciously absent from the bulk of the “Submitting a response” section.  Originally we had thought that we would need to have bidders submit the proposal separately from their (sealed) bid price, and I’m afraid the language still reflects that thought.  

 A clearer way to express the first two paragraphs of that section is below:

Submitting a response:

Electronic submissions of the project proposal including cost, bidder qualifications and references are due as described in the Timeline section and are to be submitted via email as an attachment (in PDF format, max 25MB) or as a downloadable link (unlimited size) to Jesse Beck, beckje@poncacityok.gov.

 Responses are limited to no more than 25 pages and must include:

  • Project Proposal
    1. Activities as described above and any additional activities suggested by the contractor
    2. Bid price for each activity.  Additional activities suggested by the bidder which exceed the project budget may be removed by the City once a qualified candidate is selected.
    3. Realistic month-by-month timeline including project milestones and deliverables.  A well-reasoned timeline that does not meet the target dates listed above will not necessarily disqualify a candidate.