Mayor's Welcome

Mayor Homer Nicholson.jpg

A Message from the Mayor

The City Commission is the representative body of the people of Ponca City. Members are responsible for overseeing City expenditures and the tedious, sometimes unpopular, task of ensuring that community needs are prioritized and addressed under the constraints of the operating budget and state and federal laws imposed on the City.

The Commissioners play an active role not only in our community, but at the state level as well. Participation at the state level facilitates com­munication and provides valuable information and insight for making decisions, shaping policy, and developing goals.

Around the state of Oklahoma, Ponca City is known as a community that works together. This can do attitude promotes communication, generates creativity, and reduces duplication. Ponca City continues to work together and positively support each other's efforts; as each sector of our community has a direct impact upon the others.

We are blessed to live in Ponca City! Let us also strive individually to work together as good neighbors and citizens...whether at home or out and about our daily activities

With highest regards, 

Homer Nicholson, Mayor