What is the Louise Fluke Flag Plaza?
The Louise Fluke Flag Plaza is located east of Marland's Grand Home terrace and is a tribute to former Ponca citizen Louise Fluke. Mrs. Fluke was a member of the local Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) chapter when she entered their contest for the design of the Oklahoma Flag. On April 2, 1925 the Oklahoma State Legislature adopted her design for the State Flag. The local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution has met at the Grand Home since 1967 and has actively supported its preservation.

Mrs. Fluke’s design consists of “a sky blue field with a circular rawhide shield of an American Indian Warrior, decorated with six painted crosses on the face thereof, the lower half of the shield to be fringed with seven pendant eagle feathers and superimposed upon the face of the shield a calumet or peace pipe, crossed at right angles by an olive branch, ...underneath said shield or design in white letters shall be placed the word ‘Oklahoma.'”

The forty-one foot concrete plaza is a gift of former and current Ponca City residents to the citizens of the State of Oklahoma and will forever bear the flag design, as well as the Oklahoma State Pledge.

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1. What is the Louise Fluke Flag Plaza?
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