What is a Landfill?
People often ask, “What exactly is a landfill’? Most think it is a hole in the ground that gets filled with garbage, then covered up with dirt and forgotten. Then there are a few people that think a landfill is an environmental disaster waiting to happen. In reality, landfills are a necessary part of life. Everyone produces trash. That trash has to be managed in a manner that will provide a clean and healthy environment to live in. Nobody likes landfills, but what would people do with their trash if they didn’t exist?

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1. What can I do to reduce the amount of trash that goes to the Landfill?
2. What are the Landfill’s hours of operation?
3. What is the life expectancy of Ponca City’s landfill?
4. What is a Landfill?
5. Why do landfills exist?
6. How is a landfill constructed?
7. How is a cell filled?
8. What’s a working face?