What’s a working face?
At the working face, the customer unloads the garbage in front of a large sloping area of packed garbage and then heads back to the scale house to weigh out and pay. So what happens to the garbage that is left at the working face? It gets moved into the working face by a bulldozer. What the bulldozer does is push the garbage from the unloading area up onto the actual working face. This working face is an area of the lift that is being filled that day. This area has a long slope of exposed trash that is being compressed by a machine called a compactor. The compactor is designed to place and tightly compact the garbage into a lift. (A lift is an 8 to 10 foot thick layer of compacted garbage sandwiched between two layers of dirt.)The compactor is a heavy machine with studded steel wheels rather than tires or tracks. This lets the machine compact the garbage into a very tight mass, so that the maximum amount of garbage can be placed in a minimum amount of space. The bulldozer is used at the end of the day to place cover dirt over the working face (compacted garbage) to prevent animals and birds from getting into the trash.

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