When do I need a building permit?

If you are planning to build a new structure, add to an existing  structure, reconfigure the space (add, remove or relocate walls) inside  an existing structure, or make changes to load-bearing elements of a  structure, you will probably need to obtain a building permit.  If you  are planning to add circuitry or equipment to an existing electrical  system, or to build a new service/system, you will need a permit.  A  permit is also required when you are installing new plumbing lines  (water, sewer or gas), when you are adding length to existing lines, or  when you install a water heater or other gas-fired appliance.   Mechanical work (heating/cooling systems) that involves installing new  or replacement equipment, or that involves new duct work or extensions  to existing duct work, also requires a permit.  In general, minor  repairs, non-structural cosmetic work, and replacement of fixtures do  not require you to obtain a permit.  By City of Ponca City ordinances,  you must also get a permit to erect a sign, work in a right-of-way,  build a fence in a front yard or across an easement, install an  in-ground swimming pool, build a storm shelter, or demolish a building. These are general guidelines, and there are exceptions to some of these  requirements. If you are unsure about a prospective project, do not  hesitate to contact Building Services staff.

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1. When do I need a building permit?
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