My power went out, what do I do?

      - Look around to see if neighbors have power.

     - Check your breakers in your electric panel?  Turn the Main Breaker off for 30 seconds and turn back on.    

     - If possible, observe your electric meter. If the meter is blank then report you have an outage and the meter is blank.

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1. How do I report an outage?
2. Where does Ponca City Energy (PCE) get its power?
3. My power went out, what do I do?
4. How do I report an outage?
5. What does my electric line look like?
6. What is a point-of-connection?
7. Where is my meter and what does it look like?
8. Why can’t Ponca City Energy tell when the power will be back on?
9. Who is responsible if I have trees growing in the power line to my electric meter?
10. I have an object or a tree limb hanging on my electric line, who I call?
11. A broken limb is on my power line what should I do?
12. What are the major causes of Power Outages?
13. How far should I plant my tree from the electric lines?
14. Why does the power company trim so much off my trees near the main power lines?