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Park & Recreation Special Event/Facility Use Request

  1. Ponca City Logo
  2. Applicant Information
  3. Event Information
  4. Type of Event (Please check all that apply)*
  5. Is this a*
  6. (Specify on Site Map)
    Your application will not be reviewed if a site map is not included with your application. All site maps are subject to the approval of City of Ponca City. The map must show the locations of the following items, if applicable.
  8. Please Check all that apply
  9. Route Map
    Your application will not be reviewed if a route map is not included with your application. If your event is a run, walk, bike race or other activity in which participants follow a course, you must attach a separate map of the proposed route. All proposed routes are subject to Parks & Recreation approval and use of any space outside the park (such as city streets) must be approved by the municipality. Events cannot close any city streets, roads or parkways using volunteers or event staff. Routes cannot be marked on cement or pathways. Spray paint and Spray Chalk are only permitted on grass areas with prior approval for the Director.
  10. Will participant registration be capped?*
  11. Is your event a timed race?
  12. Are you marking your course?
  13. Does your route cross any roads or parkways?
    (Please show on route map)
  14. Are you requesting any road closures
    (Please show on route map)
  15. Alcohol
  16. Are you planning on serving alcohol at your event?*
  17. Are you planning on selling alcohol at your event?*
  18. If yes, you must obtain any local, county, and/or state permits and follow applicable liquor laws.
  19. Sales and Sampling
    Please answer the following questions as it pertains to Ponca City Parks & Recreation Property
  20. Selling Food?*
  21. Selling Non‐Alcoholic Beverages?*
  22. Selling Merchandise?*
  23. Will you be charging admission on event date?*
  24. Will you be holding a silent auction/raffle?*
  25. Will samples be distributed at no cost?*
  26. Provide a list of vendors, if applicable, one week prior to the event date.
    Submitting a special event request does not guarantee pavilion/shelter availability. Please indicate below the pavilion and/or shelter you intend to use. Fee will apply.
  28. Time(s)*
  29. Amplified Sound
  30. (Amplified Sound cannot begin before 8:00 AM including sound checks)
  31. Will you have amplified sound?*
  32. Hours of amplification(including sound check)
  33. DJ*
  34. Band*
  35. Amplified sound must be directed away from residences. Amplified sound must comply with municipal code 7-1-9A of the City of Ponca City Code. It is the responsibility of the Event Organizer to provide electrical power to support the event.
    Applicant is responsible for providing sufficient portable restrooms to accommodate the size of the event. One portable restroom for every 100 people is required for all special events that do not provide beverages and one portable restrooms for every 50 people is required for special events providing beverages. Parks & Recreation restroom facilities are available March 1st to October 31st for events under 250 people.
  38. Trash Receptacles*
  39. Dumpsters (if available)*
  40. Barricades*
  41. Picnic Tables*
  42. For city sponsored events only
  43. City Stage*

    Fee Required

  44. Structures
    Do you plan on installing or using any of the following structures: banners, fencing, stages or tents. It is the responsibility of the host organization to obtain these structures.
  45. Will you be bringing in a stage? *
  46. Will you be using tents or canopies?*
  47. Please be advised, staking of tents is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED without prior approval from the Director. Tents and/or canopies must be secured with sand bags or water barrels. If approved for staking the event organizer is responsible for contacting Okie811 Hotline at (800) 522‐6543.
  48. Security Plan
    Depending on the size and activities of your proposed event, Parks & Recreation may require the presence of security at your event. Ponca City Police Department presence may also be required at your event.
  49. Have you made provisions for on-site security services? *
  50. Will you have overnight security at your event?*
  51. Medical Services*

    Have you made provisions for on-site medical services?

  52. Indemnification
    The event organizer agrees at all times during the existence of the event requested herein to indemnify the City of Ponca City for, and hold it harmless from all liability, claims and demands on account of personal injuries, property damage and loss of any kind whatsoever, including workers’ compensation claims, which arise out of or are in any manner connected to this request, based on any injury, damage or loss being caused by any wrongful, intentional, or negligent acts or omissions of the event organizer, its agents or employees. Event organizer shall, at its own expense, investigate all claims and demands, attend to their settlement or disposition, defend all actions based thereon and pay all charges of attorneys and other costs and expenses arising from any such injury, damage or loss, claim, demand or action.
  53. Signature
    The event organizer named above will be responsible for the conduct of the group and for the condition of the reserved area. This event is subject to all municipal codes in addition to all rules and regulations governing parks and parkways. The applicant agrees that, while using the park facility, the sponsoring organization will not exclude anyone from participation in, deny anyone the benefits of, or otherwise subject anyone to discrimination because of the person’s race, color, national origin or handicap. I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that all answers given and statements made on this application are full and true to the best of my knowledge and beliefs. I have read the terms and conditions outlined in this document and agree to abide by them.
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